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Ooooh!Scary Halloween!!!1

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Author Comments

Well here is my first, and very crappy, animation. Also my first submission to Newgrounds as well as my entry to my first contest, the NG Halloween 2008 contest! (Wish me luck...i'm going to need it)

I don't really plan on winning anything, but it was worth a shot, maybe a miracle will happen and I'll get like...10th place or something. Anyways, vote however you feel like voting or what not. I'll try and have me next submission much better, but you never know. i'm lazy.

BTW, go play Crysis: Warhead. It's awesome and looks pretty.

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The ending was messed up abit.

The ending was messed up abit. But it was funny. The start was great drawings, make a sequal, next time keep it to the real stuff.

TripwirEntertainment responds:

Just a bit? lol. The whole thing was skrewed from the start.


I gave you a 5 cuz I thought the end bit was funny. Every one is lazy at some point but hey it didn't suck. Had I seen the dance you talked about I doint think you would get a 5.

TripwirEntertainment responds:

The Thriller Dance? Yeah, i kinda mumbled when i said that so it's sorta hard to understand. I think maybe it would have done ok if I had animated it well.....*doh*

I won't down vote because of your opignon.

I'm going to juge the flash itself ; The graphic were 6/10 because there were color in it and this was an skecht-book style ( maybe it is your still ) , this type of style can be used in shorts jokes flashs ( Ex: S²²t joke or Fat joke ) or flashs with exegerations ( perfect ex : Egoraptor flash ) or simply explaining an opignon. You make a satire wich can make some laugh, it is usually for spam person that satire type joke satisfy due to the reaction comments of pissed-off people. About the motivation you had , well maybe serious content isn't your type , so try to focus on satire or quick due to your skecht-book art style. The story of it isn't completed , no one can argue with that. The lumisnosity of the heat google vision were unmatched , but it was good btw. The voice acting ( even short ) was really good due to the fact that is a normal human being reaction when there is hidden strangers in shadows. There were shadow effects , i liked it. If you want to be lazy and have ( well , maybe ) awards then do quick short jokes.

Well , I hope I might helped you in your ( maybe ) next flashs. Peace.

TripwirEntertainment responds:

I won't argue with the score you gave me, since it's completely understandable. I appreciate your honesty, and thanks for the review.

And I just draw sketch-like that is my style, I'll probably clean it up more for my next submission, though

Well I can sympathize with you here...

I'm not a person of much motivation either so I understand how an undertaking such as this became too tall an order. However, during the genuine run of the animation, I was quite impressed with the visuals! Also Jin-Roh glowy eyed soldiers FTW!

By the way, I was only slightly startled... nothing more. Just startled. I hope you'll someday overcome this curse and succeed!

TripwirEntertainment responds:

I tried, it was thrown in last-second as was the entire last half to try and make it a bit more interesting.


WHY!? It started off fucking AWESOME!!!

Shit, look at my first flash...now look at how your flash begun. This could've been GOLD dude! Stop procrastinating and get to work; you have an incredible talent just waiting to be unleashed!

Your microphone is clear
The sound effects were crisp.
The grit-the detail in the backgrounds and everything were superb...and then you pull an Egoraptor Easter Egg before the middle of it all!?

It was so good, never stop! See the next one to the end!

TripwirEntertainment responds:

Thank you very much! I feel honored =D

Yeah, time got the best of me, and I was forced to just do some crap ending, but w/e =[

Credits & Info

3.88 / 5.00

Oct 27, 2008
11:22 PM EDT