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Haiku Animation by Jim

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I hope you guy's like it... The words are by Shiki, Masaoka.

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This is an animation that is a some sort of starting line for animators. It isn't very good, but it makes a great piece to look back on and laugh at. You shouldn't of called it a haiku though, because that consists of Japanese characters, Hiragana and Katakana, in use. I like the music in the background, but the fact that it wasn't yours kind of sets you even further back in the star rating, especially since it cuts off strangely at the end. In other words, it's the thought that counts!

I still think its great!

I saw ur haiku jim... and i still think its terrific. No matter what the others think. I put up mines too by the way.

I think I get it

The "haiku" most people talk about, the 5-7-5 nonsense, is just an English version of true haiku. True haiku is a poem, written in Asian characters, that can actually be read both across and down when the characters are lined up correctly. If this is a rough translation of a true haiku, that's fine. If it isn't....then the two reviews below mine are correct.

However, I'm still giving a low score because of the low animation quality.

Dear Damavsta

It contains 10 syllables but 17 on. Get it right.