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"trick or treat?"

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I had a great idea for a halloween movie, but time kept creeping by, and the idea kept getting bigger and bigger, until there was only one weekend left in which to make it. So I ditched the idea and made this random creepy thing... I don't know what it means, except that maybe I should seek medical advice.

OOhhhh! :O

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so how is this enertaining?
is it a scary lava lamp or soomething?

TheBoogley responds:

yep. that's what it is.



TheBoogley responds:

hahaha most people get freaked out by it, and I suppose that's what makes it so funny :D

Lovely. :3

That was so cool.
I could see how some thought you might be
high when making this.
However they should recognize the difference
between high and imaginative.
Some people can do that without drugs.
I've been watching many of your flash creations
and they are simply amazing.
I can't imagine how much time and effort you put into
each and every one.
It's stuff like this that involves real talent that
makes me proud of NG.
You sir are a genius and I love you.
Keep up the smaching work.

TheBoogley responds:

you love me? tee hee :3

say whaaaaaat?

I have no idea what just happend but Im Lovin It XD
Keep it up!

TheBoogley responds:

that's what the bird ghost guy said, thanks :)


ok.. so first of all, you gotta respect the effort you put into those movie clips.... then the actual character movement is just so dedicated... you can really feel the disipline your have for yourself..

I obviously loved the animation, just one more step into the cave of Neil Sanders psychotic imagery, and yes, i will go on

TheBoogley responds:

there's a light in there somewhere towards the back of the cave, keep going