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Wacky Laws: Alabama

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Heres some fun and wacky laws about the first state in the alphabet, Alabama. Enjoy your fun research.


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Fuck you.

Dude, I'm a lawyer. And I live in alabama. None of these are true. XD

Let me say

I never supported any flashes that tease or toy with the laws of any countries or states.
And if you wanna do it, at leat present the viewers with better animatio, better audio and more interesting stuffs then to present some obvious craps!

I fail to understand

how this passed the voting.
The audio was terrible, seriously terrible, and the drawings were barely above that standard.
This took you, what, 5 minutes to slap together? A poor attempt at a submission, that deserves nothing less than deletion.

What was that?

It can't be called animation. The only thing I can say is that the laws may be real... You can go to various sites to find dumb laws...

Anooying as hell

I got a headache in the 3 seconds it took for me to turn of the sound. That damn constant low beeping (for lack of a better word) instantly made me dislike the movie. Then I saw the drawings, horrible. The theme/idea was good, but the way it was done was horrible.