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[FBF] Masterset practice

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So, I wanted to get back in the swing of animating,so I bought myself a beautiful and glorious tablet and discovered the wonderful world of frame by frame work. :D

I decided to compile a set of practice work, done in order excluding the intro text. I'm very happy with how it turned out, because I can actually see my own progression in the video, I suggest to anyone who's as fresh to flash as I am to try practicing like this, and not to shy away from Frame by frame like I used to, its soo much more fun and rewarding.

and comments, advice, links, anything at all, positive or negative is greatly appreciated, thank you for viewing and and have a nice day :D

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This was very good, I liked it alot.
And the rubix war lmfao
that was gr8
but man, don't listen to kerli190, I thought your flash wasn't really that choppy that I'd point it out to you.
But man, look at his flash...their hillarious
not hillarious in the way of...well...meaning to be hillarious, but they're so bad they're just...fucking hillarious.
Naw but really, your flash is really good.
And its awesome how good it turned out if you were fairly new to a tablet.

blank0000 responds:

danka :D I think the low frame rate was what did it, ever since I've been sure to have it somewhere between 24 and 30

Rubix war :D!

It has good frame by frame.


its ok.a little choppy but its ok.

blank0000 responds:

yeah, I Had the frame rate set kinda low, since I was fairly new to using a tablet. On the plus side it helped me start breaking away from tweening "I found a dollar :D"


keep practicing. thats the only way to get better!

blank0000 responds:

makes sense

are u starting out?

well by the title name id say u are. because of this im giving u a 5. yes thats rite a 5. only because ur just starting out but if it was someone expierenced in the flash buisness i would of given this a 1 or 2. dont worry all u need to do is brush up on the animation and movement skills and im sure you will have a 10 in no time

blank0000 responds:

hmm, movement skills...myess, I see your point.

thank you then :D, I look full ward to that day.

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Oct 25, 2008
11:09 PM EDT