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LL-Two Locks One Cup

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Hi all,

welcome to my new movie: Two Locks One Cup, which has no connection to the somewhat similar titled shock movie.
This is a Locklegion submission for the Banday event so yeah, I don't wanna get banned.

Vote 5 and PLEASE submit to Locklegion collections.


EDIT: Cool 9th place thats my highest achievement yet.

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Why you little-

Great flash and random junk splashed about.. XD Sorry I can't be more 'articulate' but it is late for me, so cha..good job ^^;

CourgetteClock responds:


This is awesome stuff

I highly doubt you're a crying fatass but this is really good lock legion material!! And uh I only click at first cause I had the wrong idea cause of the title.. ah who cares I got lulzs outta this

CourgetteClock responds:

I eats little babies for lunch and you is calling me a thin boi?

why u dunt sleep wit santa and get sum cheese ok?


lawl so funny i fell on the floor laughin. i like the part when dynamite hit the golf ball on the helicopter BAM!!! woops. sorry. LOLZ!!!!!!!!!

CourgetteClock responds:

Yes I spend a good amount of hours comming up with that gag.


I like it how in MasterLock's flashes, you are being portrayed as the fatass crybaby, while in your movies, MasterLock is portrayed as the antagonist. Also, I think that you should have included BarbarianLock in the co-authoring. Good flash, though. I like your style of using no lines.

CourgetteClock responds:

Master and I are rivals.
We drink one anothers blood.


Lol. Fucking halarious.
Happy fucking Ban Day, Courgy. :D


CourgetteClock responds:

Hello Canistel Lock