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LL - Ban Day Adventure

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Author Comments

Hey guys, CapnChaos AKA KitKat Lock here to spread the magic of Ban Day, the new Lock Holiday!

We've been working on this for a while, and it turned out great!

If you like it, please review!

Edit: If you click the play button before the button's animation is done, it will disappear. if this happens, just right-click then play.

Edit-12:31 PM Nov 17 - Fixed the audio sync.

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really nice! i loved how you did the story, and how the tweens where on that, on lock face... i liked the linez, and how he was all like ''im gonna use my power''
great film, man! i loved how wine could b a a guest star, and how explosive got BLAM...and the end, was great, when the canistel tried 2 attack. 5'd from dis guy

Just in time

I have been trying to submit this review for a long time but I've been kinda busy.

First of all the story is very inventive and well written, the graphics are nice and shiny and I love the part where Canistel blows the shit out of Explosive (Although I have nothing against him).

CapnChaos responds:

Yeah =3

"You missed, you retard."

Nice guys

I've forgotten to give this a review because I am a lazy ass retard. Dudes I love your animation style, very unique. Oh Canistel, why did you have to get explosive? You knew he was a stalker!

Loved it...

That Canistel seems like a swell chap. :3

CapnChaos responds:

Get over yourself, fool. :P


loved it! and thanks for using my song, man!

CapnChaos responds:

No problem. It was perfect as background music in the barber shop. :P