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Mazza Maze

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Author Comments

This is kinda crappy maze :| I didn't work hard on it. lol....

TIP: Don't Go Into Black Bits Too Much Or Ur Ears Will Bleed :/ When You'll Play It You'll Know What I Mean.

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Awefull spill of music on this. Crappy game

easy access

just right click! :p this is stupid


i felt like being nice ... even though it SUCKED!

0 stars

This is the first 0 stars review i've given because this was poorly made and just wasn't thought about enough. No effort and nothing interesting.

If you, the author, think it's bad...

Don't submit it. Instead, try to improve it before unleashing hell and fury upon the portal. I didn't get past the third part of the maze when I got bored.
Several glaring issues are in this.

1. Music loop. When you lose in a game, you usually just get transported to the start. Not get grating noise that's supposed to be music repeating itself every time you fail.
2. Unoriginal concept. Please, if you're going to make another mouse maze game, try to have some original ideas to keep the player interested for more than 5 seconds.
3. Bad visuals. Please, improve the look of the game so it doesn't look so ugly and bland.

Major improvements are needed. Or, better yet, don't make another mouse avoider game to throw in the already stinking pit of the Mouse Avoider Bin.

- MikeyJC