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Bear Jail

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Author Comments

Only a trailer/advert - hold on for the full thing!

Bear Jail will be a drama story of bears behind bars.

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Dude this is terrible

wat ?

Haha, fuicking what ?! This is a trailer ? Wtf is wrong with you. It doesn't even show a plot or something. That's just a non-sence ! But yeah let me describe this shit.
Art was fucking shitty. Nothing looks even ok.
Aniamtion was pretty bad. That walking makes me just cry. And there is a biiig error anyway.
Ok, so again no plot no story. I can't call this a triler, at all !
Oh also: sound fails too.

This is way over rated. It shouldn't even pass dear Favourite bear.
I guess you'll insule me, but I don't care. This crap deserves 0,.

Thank you

~ Mystery guy speaking from his alt. Cya.

FavouriteBear responds:

The plot is obvious... so obvious that I couldn't really expand on this trailer.
In fact, this is the whole movie basically.

Fair enough, bad drawings, badly animated;
but I was quite satisfied with the sound...
Didn't you appreciate the muffled but melancholy "lemme out!"???

Overated, maybe... but 0? Nah.


feel the misery of... ThE bEaAaRs
when will this come out for real?

FavouriteBear responds:

I'm working on a movie about a bear running from the law....
perhaps Bear Jail could be a prequel???

Thanks for the vote.

That is the best film I've ever seen!

That is the best film I've ever seen! Sounds like a masterpiece comeing along!

FavouriteBear responds:

Thankyou. I'm glad you enjoyed the misery of bears behind bars.