Rats On Cocaine - Ep #10

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The sex lives of two drug addled rodents can grow stale. This is a problem that the neighbors would like to share.

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I love reviewing and I love reviewing stuff like this so im glad I was able to find this piece you have presented here, you have offered some nifty little flash of works here and it has kept me somewhat interested, so nice job here, Nothing was overused in this, infact this flash submission was pretty Refreshing so thats why I liked it. Wow I must say this was something different slightly disturbing but I found it interesting I like the characters you brought to life here and the whole "CONCEPT" of this film was interesting and different. OK so while this review is almost comming to an end I found this flash submission to be fun somewhat entertaining, it had some good visuals and showed some of your effort put into this, so keep at it as this was notbad at all.

Little touches make all the difference, I was amused with this flash as it brought some entertainment value, and some other elements that brought stuff together but then there was some weaker points that could be worked on, and adressed more. You have a good idea here, and I can see this becomming a series of sorts maybe cutting it a tad shorter though.


I agree with Darkcyberwolf this is a good classic

I came from watching the one were the female rat gets pregnant now, how the scrambled eggs on fucktoast is this M rated while the other is A rated when this showed anus, pussy, dicks & a whole lot of other fucked up stuff

seeing it all

I like it very much because the art , the graphics are very good and well drawn almost like a cartoon we could see at television but come on , I seeing all the episode , i just finished watching all the serie but some kind of this stuff is quite disturbing (in not talking about the cocaine buzz just learn that cocaine doesnt give you red eyes, this is not marijuana ... but for the rest its correct)
Im talking about the very gory parts and the sex parts some kind of this stuff is very disturbing , sick and almost make me vomit my beer when I was watching this , thats not some kind of stuff to watch when you want to have a good times drinking beers smoking a joint.......

other then that all is perfect the only reason I want to decrease the score of this movie its because of the black humor parts that almost sickening me !

ApocalypseCartoons responds:

yeah, not a drinking cartoon


Yet immensely grotesque.