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World War Flash

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EDIT: As of 2016 this game is now live again! Let me know if you experience any difficulties connecting.

**Update: Removed rag doll calculations to make game lag less**

Battle friends and foes from around the world in this real-time multi-player shooter!

WASD or Arrows to move / jump / duck
Mouse to aim, HOLD left click to shoot
E to pick up weapons
Enter to chat
Hold Control to view scores

-> Lock and load: 6 exciting weapons to raise hell with!
-> Suit up: Customize your character for that small extra touch of fear!
-> Take cover: 3 maps specifically tuned for some nerve-shredding combat!
-> Level up: Earn exp points to rise through the ranks. Have you got what it takes to be a General?

Programming by Matthew Shaile
Design by Sarah Blount and Eduardo Mojica
Produced by Rustyarcade.com

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I can't play this game. It continue showing a white screen!
Please fix this!!

i just wait and watch videos on youtube I found 3/4 players then 1/4 :<

GAME:0/4 Players
10 years later...
Game:1/4 Players

this game might be pretty good but no one is playing it so i gave it a 0/5 you could atleast add a single player mode or something

Rustygames responds:

Yeah the lack of players is a shame because it can be quite fun with enough people. Arrange to come on with your friends if you want to check it out properly :)

Wow i give this game the gold medal of no players