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Feeling Rushed #100 WIP

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Well, this is what I've made so far. Doesn't really bother me whether you are impressed or not, but this is how far I've gotten. I am going to continue making this thing but at the same time its not a main prioriety at the moment. The comic is.

So, sit back and enjoy, I guess. Also, as the ending, that was a half-defeat, half-joke so that anyone who really cared knows how its gonna end. That way I can continue the comics and people won't be confused about anything that happened in this movie.

Ok? Ok.

Remember to check out the comic at www.mgcomics.com/FR

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W... Was that it?

Honestly... that was it? That made absolutely no sense at all. Where was the Super Sonic Transformation? Instead, what we're treated to is some cop-out yaoi bullcrap? Way to screw over the fanbase, man.


funny. and nice voice acting

Strong Bad?

That was hilarious. The ending voice over sounded like Strong Bad.

Koivo responds:

XD That's supposed to be Vector the Crocodile. The high-pitched voice is Charmy the Bee.

who cares?

its already hilarious


That was... unusual. Well... I don't really have a feedback to this, all I can say is trhat it was hilarious and fun to watch. Good animating as well.