Bagagagaga Bop!

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This is a Fanimutation and it took me a while, hope you like it.Can Locke finally put away Brittney Spears? WATCH AND FIND OUT! I have a facebook account. And check me out over on youtube! TheFishyswa is the account. Also check my ytmnd account name Fishyswa

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This was pretty fun. I guess [f]animutations were really popular at this time! A pity Neil retired here. I especially liked Triumph appearing at the end. He was really big on the Internet at this time. I'm glad you put in some fake lyrics.

I wasn't sure you'd have them at first. The gif resolution is a bit too low at times. That might have been the point. Michael Jackson looks terrible! It's still nothing compared to Bill Cosby.

I've seen this many times since it first came out and it's still hilariously awesome. Nice job!


It saddens me knowing that many new faces come to newgrounds who never heard of (f)animuation before and just see "shit".

Now I feel old T_T

Simply Pathetic

The song was plain annoying and although I dont understand whatever kind of foreign language this was but I guess it had some effort and for the first little while it had to have had some comedy in it for some viewers I suppose it brought a smirk to my face when it first came on.

Sadly after the first 3-6 seconds it was just plain annoying. The some became so repetitive so fast. It went by really fast with just jumping images and jpeg files which was pointless and kind of sad that you would think this to be so funny. Based on what Ive looked at some people are finding this amusing and yeah I will give you that but those reviews were probably written within the first few seconds of the song.

Not bad for a few seconds just plain pathetic though after awhile it has no amusement brought with it to me or any sort of replay appeal.

-TY Reviews

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3.43 / 5.00

Mar 6, 2002
2:29 AM EST
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