Cyberen & the Crazy Asian

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Author's note: The REAL Cyberen (Brock J.) has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer (yes it can happen in males; no it's not funny). Though he will not die, he could use all the support he can get. Please go to http://cyberen.newgrounds .com and let him know that Newgrounds is there for him while he is recovering. It REALLY means a lot to him.

This episode corresponds the hate of kRaZyAzN, a self-righteous being on Newgrounds who thinks he's a rebel for not giving a care about one's condition. When Cyberen is in the hospital in Alamosa, enduring a regular basis of chemotherapy for his breast cancer, a naive 13-year-old Newgrounds member just doesn't care. I'm not asking for hate against kRaZyAzn, but love for Cyberen, so just deliver him a comment of care at his profile (provided above).

Thank you,

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I feel so popular!

A flash, about me?! Thanks so much dude/dudett/tranny. (Still unsure of your gender).


I think you're being pretty... desperate? I dunno, but you keep coming back to my blog and just begging for a comment. Then you go and make a flash. Well, that's your time... but I just don't feel like wasting mine.

1. You say that he doesn't want to let other people know about this. That it is a personal issue to him.

So why the fuck are you spreading the word?

2. You're asking random strangers on the internet for comments. I ask you, why won't his family and friends support him?

one hypothesis: this is just a prank to spam someone's userpage. You will be completely confused to this prank.

Now, if you know anything about Cyberen then tell them to me. (Besides him having breast cancer).


I do not think that I am a "rebel". Your first comment was completely random. You're very annoying. Everytime I got on the computer I see 5 new comments, all from you. stop spamming my userpage, please.

And yeah, I really don't care. It doesn't even seem like he wants us to comment. You're not asking for hate? You just made a flash calling me a ... coward?


The flash was OK, but I can't believe it passed. tsk tsk, the portal is declining.

You know...

Just because AzN didn't want to write a message to Cyberen doesn't mean that you have to go and make a flash saying that you hate him.

Sure, it's nice that you're caring about Cyberen and telling everyone about his condition and all, but if a person doesn't want to write a comment on his profile, then you should just leave them alone. It's a free country. Spamming a person's page complaining about how selfish they are isn't going to help your case.

Princess-Laucherella responds:

Don't care.

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