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In this looper, created in late 2006, The Monster has just learned that, for CastleVania: Portrait of Ruin, he'll be able to launch MISSILES from his ELBOWS!!! (I don't get it, either...) FrankMon celebrates to the Mega Man II-style announcement with a (cheap) moonwalk!


SILENT RAVE 3!!! will be going down in New York City's Union Square on October 17, 2008 at 6:27PM, EST! (Tonight, as of this writing!) In honor of this awesome event-to-be, I'm uploading this looper featuring Frankenstein's Monster from CastleVania III: Dracula's Curse!!!

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This is great!


my god aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! it greattt


my eyes are starting to hurt.... any way its kinda cool so 4/5 owwww.....

DYNAKYRIS responds:

I actually put a "don't watch for too long!" warning on my site for this one. Don't forget to blink!

Frank hits the floor!

All that lurchin around was jus savin energy, for when he hits the floor, he can really shake em down!


funny the frankenstein..... and dance's well...
also good background song...
Just to Simple..........
but very simple........