Endless Handbag

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Like MisterSwill, I made a video to Lavender Hill Mob's Endless Handbag as an entry for this music video contest back in 2000... damn that was a long time ago, and to think I didn't even think about submitting it to the Portal due to the great anticipation of the winner announcement. 2 years later, somehow I am beginning to feel this anticipation was futile. Thanks to MisterSwill's reminder, I'd have forgotten about my VERY FIRST attempt at Flash movie - this very music video. It probably wont do as well as MisterSwills, because his actually had structure and a storyline, and is funny. Mine is, on the other hand, a twisted visual extravaganza that makes no sense at all, and the file size sucks too. But I hope you like it nonetheless, and hopefully this will remind FDA to renew their over-2-years-expired contest and make a collection out of it.

I really hope you read till here, because if you don't, you'll probably write shit like "Wtf is this crap?" and "This makes no sense!" for reviews. But I figure you're probably going to do that anyway.

Anyways, I'm blabbering, enjoy. I hope to make more new flash in the summer, and hopefully they'll be an improvement since SWGR


holy shit!

you have to be on acid to really enjoy this flash!!


Sweet vid yo

Good for what it is

It's good for what it is; I just don't like this kind of thing. :( Honestly, you nailed it yourself in your comments already-- it's just a bunch of images to the music. I think I need more acid before it makes sense to me; that's my bad again.

@Mewtwig: GJ you just repeated exactly what is in the comments and pretended it was like a new, original idea that you came up with!

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I didn't get what was meant to be going on. I was as if you dumped a load of images in a colour changer and jumbled them up with some music.


were u stoned when u made this come on man i like all ur other videos u fucked this one up...u have to be wasted to enjoy this crap...

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3.26 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2002
11:45 PM EST
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