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Sheep Slaughter 2

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This is it! The sequel to one of the first ever portal movies! All portal stalwarts will remember PSYCHADELIC SHEEP SLAUGHTER, the game where you shot sheep, with that unmistakable sound. Well, here it is, THE SEQUEL! To play it, mateys, is to love it!!!

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i have looked around newgrounds, and this seems to be the oldest game on the game search engine.

The game is painfully easy and simple, the sprites are crudely-drawn at best, and the sound grates on the ears. Sorry man, but this is pretty bad, hopefully you can improve in the future.

Rather comical with the sheep, thought it said "bruh bruh bruh bruh bruh" then I realized it's saying "bah."

Jokes aside this is a low quality game, you only need to click 5 sheep before it's over.

What I liked - It has the goofy spirit of internet humor from the early 2000's. The title of the game is good, too.

What I disliked - Game needs some more effort. Seems more like a learning project than a finished product.

A shooting gallery style game where you shoot sheep...apart from the green one! The graphics were poor-to-average. The title screen looked good, but the sheep themselves were very crude. The sound was the worst. The awful bahbahbah noise was funny to begin with, but quickly got old. The gunshots were ok though. The sheep were also maybe too easy to kill.

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2.88 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2000
11:41 AM EDT