Da Shield Mastah (Pivot)

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Just some guy with a shield brutaly beat'n da shit outta pplz...

Warning: If u r a pivot hater, i dont need ur review, i want experienced aniamtors to give me constructive critisism, not someone who's gonna give me a low score cuz he's gonna be a bitch about it... forget that its pivot, atleast bother to watch the aniamtion and c if its cool...

Bonus Credz:
Terkoiz - for inspiration


It is so awesome I watch it every day!

DUDE THAT WAS AWESOME! What song did you use when the guy flips and the other one gets hit by the shield?

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Shield, huh? Mastah.

This was great, ya know!


There are still too many people sucking your cock for this, lol. 4/10 'cause 'dat shit aint touchin' inters.

ghostflames responds:

What the hell is your problem hijack ? Just cause i stopped visiting the forums doesnt mean i deserve you to be an ass and give me a 4 <_<

awesome dude :D

i love the 3d shield (not that it i couldnt do better, but it looked kewl) and i loved the eye effect too. i going to look ur other vids, and would u plz look my vids on utube? youtube.com/user/stickmister321 im bit rusty but enjoy if u do.

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ghostflames responds:

Zomg, dude, dont post links to non-related content, ur account can get deleted or banned !

awww come on

now way
how did you do that
i have cs3 but today i downloaded pivot and there is no way you could do that
ly good

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ghostflames responds:

Well, it IS pivot, i just have experience... anything is possible in pivot, u just need enough skill :)

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4.08 / 5.00

Oct 16, 2008
2:29 PM EDT