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YAAFM 14: John McCain

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Reginold sets his demon sights on the Senator from Arizona, the Maverick himself, John McCain.

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For anyone wondering what happened to this guy, he's alive. His website, zipperfish.com is still up and he still owns it. Although he did quit making cartoons and games long ago, and now all he does on his website is just review movie trailers. He used to give his 2 cents on news there as well, until a month ago when he randomly stopped. The only remnant of his old work on his website is a single page on there called "Zipperfish classics", and even that only talks about 5 movies and 1 game he made, when he made a fuckton more than that. The-WalrusZ is not dead, but he has retired.

Why did this end? They have soooo much material to cover: Tik Tokers, Antifa and most importantly... TRUMP!! (You have a season's worth of material there)

This series needs to come back more than ever.

the guy is most likely dead

no really
he propably is

come back!