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Crow Clock-Death to Rasp-

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Here is my first Clock Crew movie. Crow Clock despises Raspberry Clock and seeks to kill him! But why?!!!!

Watch and find out. I made this in 3 days (about 16 hours-1/20th of the length of time MX#04 took) so don't expect a masterpiece. It is good FUN 'though.

And yes, I am working on Miracle Explosion #05. Expect it in May-June.

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The Moon looked like the Death Star. Well, that's probably only because the new Star Wars film just came out. He doesn't look like a crow. I knew they'd turn into a giant robot. This was actually pretty creative. It was a little too talky though.

This was good, just not great. The ideas were pretty good. I'm glad RaspberryClock didn't die. You could call me a fan of the Clock Crew. Well, not of StrawberryClock's stuff specifically.

fourchinnigan responds:

Wow. I didn't know people were still stumbling across this movie from 16 years ago. Thanks for watching.

I kinda liked crow clock too

i kinda liked crow clock

so thats how strawberry beacame the king?

I'm not a fan of the Clock Crew...

...but that was nicely done! The animation and music was very good! I didn't care much for the voices (though I kinda liked Crow Clock's voice). The plot was pretty good, too. But I don't think that this belongs in the 'Anti-Clock' section of NG. It wasn't exactly an anti-clock movie (especially since the clocks prevailed at the end). Nevertheless, it was a good watch. 9/10