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!!shooting spree#1!!

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Author Comments

i worked really hard on this. hope you guys like it

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no way hosay

needs better graphics and better story line the blood looks so fake and the gun looks so fake..........


please delete it not gunna be mean but it was pretty lame..

Poor throughout until near the end.

The movie just seemed to be yet another pointless violence movie, it would have been nice if you'd had some story to it, like instead of him just doing random killings there should have been a reason as to why he was doing it as it would have made it more interesting. I did like the part where the guy shot towards the screen and how you made it look like he was going to shoot the viewer but it turned out to be some other guy he was shooting at. When you brought in the old man I guess that part wasn't too bad as there was some sort of story as to why the old man wanted to kill him, I wasn't too keen on how you made the setting the Matrix as it just seemed like a pointless excuse for having a Matrix style scene within the movie, it would have been better if their fight had just been a normal one, the fight wasn't too bad though, but that's only because there was story behind it. You ended it too abruptly though, the second the main character killed the old man it was all over, you should have shown the old man fall to the floor and then shown the main character's reaction as it just seemed really odd the way you just suddenly ended it, as it seemed unfinished. You needed to have some sound effects in this movie as it seemed really odd that a gun was being fired and that there was a fight scene that was, other than music, completely silent.

Peace Out, Afro Stud


Lol what was that read on y i gave it 10

Ok it was so funny. He walked like a spaz and they didnt have arms lol i have 2000000 more things but i only can use so many letters lol .
What was that. Look mate you need to learn the basics . No hard feelings but why did you even submit it lol . Delete it please lol.
It is funny because the whole thing is a joke


If this is the best you can do, then try practising or something.. This is really bad for trying your best.