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Ok so here it is it's not finished yet but i thought id put up what's been done so far.

I've on the verge of getting RSI because the entire flash was drawn with my mouse *hand ache*/ Hopefully you guys will like it and it will give me an incentive to keep it going if not i'll probably just keep going anyway just to spite you :P.

Anyways please leave constructive critism either here or on my userpage (in case my submission get blamed :) )


Fo' Angel

EDIT: Thanks Guys for the awesome feedback. i'm still working on the next few episodes.....also ive lost contact with voice actors i used for the initial episode if you know them or if they are reading this now please send me a pm


Fo' Angel



Good art and Nice script very good work!

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FoAngel responds:

thank you very much sir

This is good

This is really good for a beginning.It was animated good and thats why i give you a 10/10 and a 5

FoAngel responds:


that's awesome!

This kind of reminds me of the white-wolf game

World of Darkness: Demon: The Fallen... it happens to be a really interesting game. In any case the main character reminds me of a character my friend plays in that, I'd like to see better animation but the idea of it is sound. Keep it up, good voice for her. The over baring tone of her towards her own allies yet never actually harming them is kind of just like the character I was talking about.

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FoAngel responds:

Thank you very much.

Im glad you liked it

its ok

good animation but it didnt show too much plot

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FoAngel responds:

Not to worry you'll get the whole thing soon :)

go on

It's a work in progress so I'll cut you some slack, but on the next one try to do better on the animation, and have a prelude, you almost lost me at the part about her corrupt soul. Music was amazing, you should have it again, but turned down a little and throughout the whole movie. Looking forward to the next one.

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FoAngel responds:

Yeah i was playing around with the fps in flash, as of now the music has been turned down


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3.20 / 5.00

Oct 13, 2008
8:23 PM EDT