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My Halloween 08' Entry

A story about a friendly little ghost.

Hey, if you're feelin' generous, why not submit this to the halloween collection?

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This was s very good idea for a movie.
It had great animation.
And a cool story.
I'd give you a higher score but it needed to be longer and have some dialogue.

Voodoo responds:

Thank ya kindly, stranger. ;)

Kinda fun while it lasted.

I generally liked the style - the simple shapes and fbf.

I'd suggest you think a bit about the line width - it's usually the same width throughout, but is smaller in the scenes in which you use tweening (like Pac-man before he sees the pill or the ghoul before he grabs the kid in the ghost costume). Maybe think about this - maybe use thinner lines for the bg?

Sometimes, your lines got a little sloppy. Don't be afraid to undo and redraw a line until it looks smooth.

The plot itself was kinda unsettling, with the vicious ghoul - quite a contrast to the cute graphics!

The end with Pac-man was amusing, but a bit of a non-sequitor considering that the rest of it had been set in the 'human' world.

It remained entertaining, regardless of flaws. Mainly thanks to the fast-paced action, I guess.

Voodoo responds:

People always say my lines aren't sexy, I think it's because of my shitty 30$ tablet.

nice flash

Visuals: well drawn and animated, looked very cartoony, one part I didn't like was the kid with the toilet paper's nose, otherwise it's good

Audio: the lack of sound effects didn't bother me in the least, kind of reminded me of the old silent films, where it's just the music playing to give it emotion, that really carried the cartoony theme well

Overall: i really enjoyed it, the part with pac-man and Mrs. pac-man was awesome, as was the rest of the flash, keep at it

.:Review Request Club:.

Voodoo responds:

Thanks, I love these detailed reviews :3

Wild side of casper?

It was okay made me laugh, more in the whacky zone then in the scary zone but the part that was really good when you see pacman over all i give 8 its good plus the animation was nice

Voodoo responds:

I guess it was a little wacky.



Let's see, then.

Graphically, it's quite good, even if it's simple. Animations were good, though. Also, good colors, it gave this flash an even more cartooney style.

I like the humor. At the same time cartooney and violent.

My big complaint would come from the song you chose for the flash. (i mean the earthbound one). I didn't sound like a halloween song, unlike the others. Besides, it was pretty average, quality-wise.

I guess i said everything.

(§ Jorma Poyer AKA Deflektor §)
Review Request Club

Voodoo responds:

Yeah, a lot of people didn't like the song, but I was all like