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John McCain

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John McCain and his Vegetable Friends! John gets a visit from his nutritious pals.

View more videos at my website: http://www.filmcow.com/

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This is one of my favorite things from filmcow/secretagentbob. Though the bar for that position is set pretty high in general what with the sheer number of amazing things he has made. It's hard to beat "Chris Draws a Cartoon", or "Dark Midnight: The Device", or "Zulway, God of Mercy", or of course "The Animal" (I've gone around annoying people, talking indistinctly and like the guy in that who just wants his eggs) or "Gods of Olympus". But this is about the most artful thing, I think. It certainly beats the repeated joke of his with the ferrets or the unicorns or the llamas where you have the evil character(s) played against the straight man done for shock value, that joke is beating a dead horse-man at this point. I was actually a bit saddened when the squash playing the trombone (is that a trombone? Just a horn? I don't know these things) was replaced by the horse-man as his youtube thumbnail avatar. Wow, not a lot of reviews on this in recent times, even though it's near the top of the "politics" category. I guess that probably means newgrounds is dying. That's sad. Mostly being eaten alive by youtube I guess.


Sometimes you see alot of flashes and once in awhile you get someting differant and unique like the one you are presenting here, this one is pretty interesting and has some good visuals that really get you into it. Haha this was amusing and I like the "MUSICAL" touch you added to this, I think some subtitles would have been really great for this piece. but overall this was good. To Produce and even Clarify this kind of flash would not beas easy or hard you have done what you needed to at the right times, and was a great Opportunity to see.

Well I hope today I may have a tad bit of Influence on some possible fixes and clean ups here and there, Apply a few new options here, that may or may not Include the best of ideas, but you can always Tweak various parts of ideas and whatnot, Focus is the key.Subtitles are tricky but this flash seems like it could use some, not in a bad way or anything just that extra feature is nice to have in any flash especially when there is alot of talking among characters and such, so adding subtitles seems like this flash would do really great from.


The question that should have been on everyone's mind is, if this had been highly publicized, would McCain have gotten fewer or more votes in 2008? Would Obama have gotten more votes and won by even more, or would this have slid the election in McCain's favor. I don't know the answer to that question. As for me, I only vote for Vermin Supreme. What can I say. I want a zombie in every garage. Hey, maybe I should run for president. I could run on the "lifetime drivers license revocation when you hit a pedestrian, billionaire assholes have to pay taxes on their massive unrealized capital gains, strip all funding from the military and reallocate it to infrastructure and the design and construction of fusion power plants, back up the US dollar with tangible assets (but not precious metals), voting rights should be contingent on performance on a test of science/economics/common sense" platform, any one of which would lose me 90% of the vote. Yay!

The four hour loading time is worth it.