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Simply Horrible

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Another project I made for school, this time it was supposed to represent the "Best of JCC". I had about a minute to do whatever I wanted. Since I can't yet do what I want, I did something nobody would ever want -- and it's funny.

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The hell? I think you broke my brain.

I am simply amazed...

Thanks, i've been waiting for something truly trippy on newgrounds.so yeah, Bye fork, if you'll excuse me i have to go eat purple tomatoes to pass the time till Arizona Scones walks into the bat cave, or when the mail truck runs into the heap of beer bottles. Bye, and LASAGNA!


some type of subliminal humor, video programmed me or something, it was a lil freaky.

That was trippy

Dunno what the hell that was all about but it creeped me the hell out. Good friggin job.