Bacon Man!

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this is made just for entertaining to see if you could get a laugh out of this,It its supposed to be like this to try to add to the comedic effect some some crap like that.

so no angry faces.

also you may want to turn down the volume before you play this,its loud.

now enjoy :)


It made me laugh

And since im also a younger flash animator, i'll gove u a ten and a five. Who cares if you sound young. You can't help that, although on NG people automatically think ur Post is crap if you're voice sounds young. to avoid that, I'd either download Audacity or other sound editing software and pitch ur voice down, get a voice actor. (this could be anybody you know, it doesn't have to be a pro) or do what the clocks do and get a text to speach program to make robot voices.
Liked Bacon man.


Quote from XeroxX

PROS: Sadly, none.


CONS:It sounds like ur 9 or 10 years old...

He IS nine or ten years old.

You need to work on voice acting, I couldn't stand it. Also try to stay away from stick figures.

Awww..Bacon man

I like bacon man the character and the bacon strips, but that was it. You could possibly find a use for bacon man, but you'd definitely have to change the voices.

Lols wata wata wata

I watched up until teh wata wata wata of the ninjas and that was good enough for me xD your animating and vioce acting are unclear but the watas are nice :D

Ummm... What?

PROS: Sadly, none.

CONS:It sounds like ur 9 or 10 years old...
It also sounds like these voices were recorded with windows sound recorder,
There was hardly any animation.

POSSIBLE IMPROVEMENT:With some more effort, i bet you could make something worth at least a 3 :D

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Oct 12, 2008
5:20 PM EDT
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