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I just recently purchased Final Cut Studio 2 so I was just playing around with Motion 3 and made this, Enjoy!

Also this might be at the beginning of every video I make except for my next one (YouTube). This video is basically just a glimpse of the main subjects of my YouTube page.


Pretty good ad.

.....or at the very least it had nice music. But does it really tell us anything about the author? Just snipets of this and that (although, truth be told, it did spark interest on some level). And the animation was cool.

triforceguy1 responds:

Thanks :D

that's cool

but its more of something that would go in the alphas maybe? and, your link to youtube at the end doesn't work.

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triforceguy1 responds:

I know, it's code was: on(press) {getURL("http://uk.youtube.com/user/t riforceguy1");
}. Thanks anyway

good but misplaced

The flash 10/10
Appropriateness 0/10
Great flash but it has no purpose...i dislike flashes that like this one are without story line. i understand you might have done this as a test but why waste space on the servers for something like that if what i assume you probably put it on youtube. good place for meaningless stuff...you could have at least made it longer or thrown in some random other flash you made but by itself it doesn't belong on newgrounds. Pretty awesome editing though. Good luck to your next flash. I expect to see many good things from you in the future if this is a representation of any skill you have in flash.

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It's a good beginner for future storys, but you shouldave taken the time to make a story out of the rest of this.

triforceguy1 responds:

How did know, LOL. It was experimental but thanks for the reply.

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2.28 / 5.00

Oct 12, 2008
2:59 PM EDT