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Just something I made for a school project.

If for some reason the preloader doesn't work, try rightclicking>play.


Not bad

It's quite an interesting piece, that shows a rich history of the Babalonian Empire under Hammurabi. The only thing that you didn't show on the piece was a subtitled list of information that went along with the animation and the tune. The only other way to do that was to make an audio commentary.

If you could have shown us who the other armies were that rampaged across the territory of Babylon and were sent packing by the armies, it would have been better - what was he building through his leadership of the people? I know it was the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, but other people miy not be aware.

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decent movie

Visuals: nothing too bad, nothing too great, the animation there is in this movie is well done, the drawing is on the better side of average

Audio: a good choice of audio for this flash, it didn't get repetitive, but then again I didn't really notice it as I was trying to figure out what was going on

Overall: it sorely needed some background information of this guy, whether it is interspersed between the scenes or is a whole other option, for the general public it needs some explaining, as a school project it is fine

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Let's see, then.

Graphically, it's pretty unbalanced. Some parts are decent, some others are good, and some others are bad. Maybe you didn't spend much time on some parts. If so, you should take more time on each scene.

The story is kinda hard to follow, especially if you don't know a thing about Hammurabi. At least, you should put a text with explanation about what's going on.

At last, music was ok. Nothing bad, nothing good.

To sum up, you should put more work into your movie and add some background information, especially when it comes to History.

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Everything looks nice here. The choice of colors, the few animations (they COULD have been a bit better, though), the music is ok, too... but it's more or less useless without any background information.
I mean, I couldn't figure out what was going on, especially when those three icons moved around on the world map.

A short textbox with the basics of what happens would help a lot here.

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Comments before actual review - Wait, what exactly was I watching here? At first I thought it was going to be a serious flash, but then I thought it was going to be funny flash... then it just ended up... meh I will cover it later.

Animation/Graphics - Decent now and then.. and good now and then.., but also not very good now and then. (Wow, a lot of know and thens >.<) Some of it was very simple and the stuff that was very simple, such as the pyramid building, and some animation of people that you had, could of been improved on.

Story - Lol what was going on? I guess since I don't know much about the subject is the reason that I don't really understand what's going on in the flash. Maybe include some background somewhere so we understand what's happening.

Audio - Not bad music and everything. The audio itself was ok. No complaints from me here on this section. ;)

Overall - If it wasn't for me being confused you would of probably got a better score from me despite some of the animation suggestions that I had.


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3.28 / 5.00

Oct 11, 2008
9:39 PM EDT