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Random Time

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Hi guys, Drifts again, yup i'm a quick animator these days :D

Ok this is something i made randomly, i made it as i went along, i dunno why but it was fun i guess. This is to inspire you guys to animate for fun and all that. so hope you like it.

Bloc Party- Helicopter

p.s: this was just meant to be a test of th e stickman scratching his back, but many ideas cam into my head.

EDIT: 5th daily, thanks guys your awsome seriously.

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i think it was good but some parts were stupid and it was kinda short


awwwwsooommmmeee!!! the last part was kinda wierd/funny the part when he was just like :3 and i was confused at the 'explosion time!' part, but then he made that guy explode.... it was cool! i luv the begining "wait, there's no floor under me'


Love the end dance x D

Great :)


This deserves a review!
Amazing choice of music! I love that "The Blue Guy" just does his thing, and waits for everything to happen without having any sense of what the adventure will really lead to!
Love <3


Loved the randomness! I'm a fan of random stuff and it seemed like you were just playing around with different effects. I plan to do something like this to build my skills up.
Gave it a 9 because now I wanna see a plot!
You got the skills obviously to make something very smooth animation wise.
Maybe get a friend to write something and you could animate it?