The Glory of Mavis Beacon

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Mavis Beacon mascot of T3h Party. This is actually a real person who sells commercial typing programs known by the general title, "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing." A fairly normal looking person, her 1980's picture is the one used at T3h Party. KemCab said his reason for choosing her as his website's mascot is to encourage people to type better. She is very often used in T3h Party's Flash. There's also a Mavis Beacon account on Newgrounds, created by KemCab. LordZeebmork made the original, but it got deleted with his other alts.

Happy Mavis Day! :D

Note From the author: Mavis Day was on October the 6th. The reason that this submission is late is because I got really really drunk at the Mavis Day party and I passed out in the ally and I wasn't discovered until a few hours ago


<3 Yoshio

<3 Yoshio :D

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Yoshio responds:

<3 PenguinBomb and his bitchin music :D

It gives...

A lasting impression. An imprint on our hearts. Those who view this, and can truly UNDERSTAND the complexity and intemacy of Mavis, will be able to see that its more than a 'flash', its a beacon. A beacon, of hope, of guidance, of love, of peace.
When viewed as a normal 'flash', it may seem lowly when combined to the likes as 'there she is!' or 'waterlollies'.
But when viewed as an IDEA, a PROSPECT, then you see that this outdoes them all.
It demonstrates a fantastic combination of visual integrity and an emotional hurricane. Tears were rapidly replaced by laughter, and the laughter replaced by gasps of amazement.
I was stunned by the sheer amount of effort and diversity in this. It didn't discriminate, hesitate, or even fornicate.
Congratulations on such an epic flash, i hope to see more.

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Yoshio responds:

oh you will :3

What really was this?

I didnt really know why this was submitted to newgrounds, although the song wasnt bad this is more of a youtube presentation.

Yoshio responds:

youtube is for videos. this is a flash movie


well, i got some advice for you...don't let your 5 year old cousin make flash movies for you...

Yoshio responds:

but he's really good at it :(

who mavis

i dont know who mavis is but i dont realy care but the back ground music was proboly the best part and it suited the point of the clip very well

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Yoshio responds:

I agree, Penguinbomb makes great music

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Oct 9, 2008
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