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ParodyRangersTheMovie 1-2

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Go! Go! Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE - Part 1 "You Splooge You Lose"
[Episode 1-2 - Runtime: 3 Minutes 17 Seconds]

Our heroes are back in action and kick off their summer with some TOTALLY EXTREME sports in their spare time...but as usual, all is not well. Lord Zet and his sinister crew have a new secret weapon, uncovered in the midst of a chance explosion that gives the villains a huge advantage! The Rangers must face what could be their most powerful and certainly most disgusting foe yet, but this time their powers alone may not be enough.

The entirety of Parody Rangers: THE MOVIE -Part 1- is about 14 minutes in length and will be split into three seperate pieces for submission to Newgrounds. Part 1's animation process began in May of 2008 and was continued and finished in early September, all the while sharpening my overall animation skill and ability. This movie is completely traditionally animated by myself and was made for Newgrounds promotion.

This film is NOT for kids and contains plenty of innapropriate (not to mention, immature) humor. If this sort of thing isn't up your alley or if you are offended by such content in any way, please feel free to give it a pass. Otherwise, to the fans who've followed along with Parody Rangers previously, I hope you enjoy it for what it is and have some fun!

Thanks everyone who tried to help with the submission problem: Marc Levy, Dave Smith and Bryon Beaubien, as well as my incredible voice cast and special guests for the movie, Kira for mastering the audio and several friends of mine for testing and giving feedback on this project. GO!

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This was interesting

It is a pleasure of mine reviewing this piece of work, there are some great things that happen in this one, dont get me wrong there are some improvments that can be made, but You have done a did piece of work here with everything that was happening on this. Before i get more into the review i just wanted to say congrats on the awards thats always some extra that comes along with the extra work here, so nice effort on the flas and acheiving the awards, So congrats on that. This was really something here especially withh all the contributers here, The characters in this are really good and the "VOICES" are pretty good too, they have some good emotion and some just some real good voice-acting so nice effort on the voices So there are some areas that could be improved like the animation was good but was also kind of choppy, you could also use some subtitles on this. and last but not least, the animation on the mouths were too fast animated, slow it down abit so that it actually matches up with the sound comming from the mouth. A fin flash animation here, a good submission entry here, you took your time with this one and made a few good visuals and made it fun for all who are watching and so on, but besides that its a pretty good entry.

This is where we come to some ideas and tips for improving on your fine entry you have here, you have done a pretty good job, but there are a few tips and tricks that could make this slightly better not just for you but for everyone else watching aswell, This could use some subtitles, it would help on a number of issues here the main being that its always nice to have some subtitles on voice work just for that extra effort on any flash, and second would help greatly if the voices are hard to hear. The animation seemed somewhat choppy and kept on skipping so maybe faster frame rate mayne smoother animation on your part, mouths moving too fast, alot faster then the sound comming out, maybe matching it up would look more realistic.

hmmm coincidence?

lord zet looks a lot like zetto. nah, must just be coincidence.


Those have got to be the most hilarious villains in flash history.


You put the most amazing line from the original movie itself in here!
"What is that stench?! Smells like...Teenagers!"


I love this and btw notrace i think the catgirl is a parody of cat woman it seems.