Dungeons and Swords

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This is the first animation that I ever created and completed. This is from my 2D Animation class.
I felt really proud after I completed this project due to the fact that now I've experience the hard work and time consuming of animation.
There is still some things that need to be fixed such as in-betweens and more value.
I really want feedback and critique.
Other additional comments are accepted as well.

Update 6/30/09:Able to add the preloader^^!! Lost the original flash file but found the flv file and was able to put a preloader in it.

Caution: DO NOT stand close to the screen for there are 2 scenes with flashing colors.

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Susseful 1st Level Adventure!

And that's how every DnD adventure should be: sneak in to get epic item, and leave with awesome power. :D

*ahem* Not bad for a first upload. You make up for your lack of smooth animations with smart cuts of action, making it all move smoothly and at an exciting pace. Very enjoyable.

Nice, keep practiceing

Dude, good job for a first, keep it up. This is actually pretty cool, animation is a little choppy, and it is a little fast, but just keep practiceing and I'm sure you'll get pretty good. ALSO- to stop the animation just go to the last keyframe and put in the code
if you don't know how to get to actionscript, just click a keyframe and on the right side of the "properties" window, there should be a cirle with an arrow in it, click that.


I can tell you must be doing well in your art class. You have some good animation there but it needs a bit more of a plot.

Akiimu responds:

the movie was basically about the blonde squire trying to escape a dungeon, then he finds a sword in a storage room that gave him strength to help him escape. The animation was suppose to have more but my class gave a short deadline for our project. :(

Heh, not bad but you can tell...

Easily tell it's a school project. It's too fast, too choppy. ( I mean, lol, who wants to spend forever doing their homework? XD )

But IMO - overall good. Big points for drawing it all by hand. That's killer.

If THIS is your FIRST work - I REALLY want to see a later one.

Akiimu responds:

you will.^^v

doesn't play

hmm you7 might want to fix that, did you put a sop function on it?

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3.25 / 5.00

Oct 8, 2008
3:11 PM EDT
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