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Mavis and Patrick 4EVR

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But really, i think patrick is a pretty cool guy. eh, gets mavis and deosn't afraid of anythigng

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No way could this possibly be so awesome.

This was to amazing for me to express in words, but this is a review, so allow me to attempt it.
Firstly, the preloader. Use of Mavis was inspiring. All motions of the face were done so perfectly, the mouth ACTUALLY moved with the loading.
Then the flash, first impressions were stunning when i heard the choice in music. How did you think of such beauty? I have heard the song before of course, but the way you introduced it was nothing short of inspirational.
Then, the real flash...began...
The text flashed up, faster than a Speeding Mavis, it showed me the words to such a wondrous song.
Then Mavis herself appeared. Utilising the greatest in flash technology, you left me stunned as my screen showed me whatcan only be describes as multiple orgasms in the form of flash.
This was a flashterpiece, an epic collaboration of taent, wit, humour and justice.
T3hparty has once again stunned me.

MinusNick responds:


I love it.

I loved it.

I kept the window open at the end to keep that song going though, Fuck yeah.

MinusNick responds:

You have the most refined taste in music I've ever seen!

Nothing bad!! Just a lovely flash

Animated huh!!??

Sure, yet, iut was so amazing!! the texture is what I love the most!!!!

The sotry, MM yeah!! kinda!!! awesome!!!, Good, the masterpiece from a wonderful newgrounder like U!!!

Keep it up!!! I wanna see if U have some others like this one!! Hope When U have something new, plz let me know, I would like to see something more!!! HEHE XD

MinusNick responds:

Oh my God, I love you!

Another masterpiece.

As always.

MinusNick responds:

You shouldn't expect anything less from me!


Touching story of a turbulent and troubled romance where love prevailed.

Good and suitable musical choice.

MinusNick responds:

Your incredible use of adjectives dazzles me.