Rafferty: The Bust

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Rafferty is a dark noir thriller series centering on the good the bad and the ugly of Rafferty City, the dumping ground of the world.

Chapter 1 centers on detective Kyle Gates' efforts to bring down big time drug dealer "Princess Kat" for good. His methods are questionable, but his goals aren't. Will he catch her without losing everything?

In The Bust Gates gets a tip off about a drug deal going down in the sewers of Rafferty from an unknown source. Best of all, Kat herself will be there. But will she elude him like so many times before, leaving no trace?

Note: Cells by The Servant is the main audio track.
Note: The servant's site is currently experiencing technical problems.

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Sadly, the animations are poorly made. The main character - I suppose he is - looks like crap. Sorry.


well, the whole story line going on there is good. Just to put it bluntly: it was extremely crudely drawn and animated. I don't think you put as much effort on the quality of the flash than you should have.

But hey, if you got 3.4 score or w/e for the first episode, you will definately improve on that for episode 2
(won't you!!)

jakabite responds:

Yes I will =D


Pretty cool, man. I like the style, it's very entertaining. Keep it up. Cheers.

Not bad.

The artwork is a little lacking and isn't made well enough where it could be accepted as intentional.

The story doesn't really make much sense at this point except for some guy shooting people. I don't see drugs in this yet.

I will give you plusses for syncing the music with the storyline and for setting, and for the attempts at slow-motion bullet effects.

Could be much better, but hey, it's not bad.