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Yey. Mush. A bunch of unfinished crap.
PS. Replay button's broken and it won't fix.

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Loved it

Random collection or randomness

I really liked your style, lots of different ones calumniated in a sort of collab esque movie. I didn't really have a favourite part. But I did like the stick battle ones with really ill fitted music.

The music well well chosen for all the parts and the voices sounded great too. Nice job

Overall a great little movie. Would like to see another one in the future :D

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Visuals: mostly on the better side of average, needed some colour in some places, and a few of the animations needed to be slowed down a bit so we can get a sense of what's going on

Audio: what you had was good, some of the animation could've used some sound effects, but otherwise it great the way it is

Overall: you should really consider taking some of these and making the finished product with them, any one of them could be really great flashes with a little effort, and if the point was to stick some unfinished flashes together, then do it again I quite liked this

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I pretty much agree with the others. It looks like a bunch of unfinished flash pasted together. Which is too bad, because some scenes were actually pretty nice.

It think you should consider focusing on just one scene and work on it, improve it as much as possible and finish it. I'm positive it would give a nice result.

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RESPRiT responds:

Aww come on guys.
The point of the movie WAS to paste a bunch of scenes together.

Thanks for the review BTW

Some potential here

It's not a bad group of unfinished animations. I could certainly see you taking the one with "Take on me" as the music, where this guy comes out of the book and meets the girl, a little further. It's a nice little piece and I think that you could just use a little more plot and patience to make it a good flash. Possibly some colour as well, but let's not go crazy.

I like that you've thrown some random stuff in, as while they aren't all good, it gives us a little something to all pick at and maybe give you some inspiration. When you made the ending of the flash, I would suggest that you get a better TV Static sound file, as it doesn't loop very well - needs to be about 10-15 seconds long, as when you hear the repeating of the bad loop like machine gun fire, it does bring the quality down.

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I liked it. :D

Comments before actual review - I kind of like when people make these short flashes of unfinished work or work from their past flashes.

Animation/Graphics - Decent, but a lot of simple things that a lot of artists can do. I've actually grown to like some of those styles though and I really don't mind stickmen at all. Some things could of been made just a tad bit better with color in the background or something like of the sort.

Story - The length of the flash was perfectly fine and I completely understand that you were using some unfinished pieces of work, but I feel the scenes that you made should of been just a tad bit longer. Some of them ended as soon as they started and yet others last just the right amount of time. There was some simple humor and some action scenes.

Audio - The audio was nice from sound effects to music selected throughout the entire piece. I liked the transition that you used in between and the static noise to go along with it. Good job here.

Overall - A good job, I recommend making the unfinished scenes finished sometime and maybe submitting some of them because some of them looked like they could turn out pretty good.


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3.19 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2008
10:48 PM EDT