A Fight

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This could be thought of as a sprite movie, but only because I did this in the style of sprite movies. I really just drew a character, a ninja, and did some walking cycles for them and such, and (ko)whala, I made this. It has no sound (sorry) because it's a horrible pain and I was done looking at this after a month or two of work. It would've had a Vcam, but it ended up looking like crap. I had them all be revived a few times just for the fun of it because I was enjoying making this. I hope to make more things like this in the future.

Enjoy, my lovely lady lumps.


Pretty good

not bad, but reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaly needs sound

ChadsWeb responds:

I know :P

find some sounds

or at least put some music

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ChadsWeb responds:

I would've done music but it was a little hard to find anything that could fit in right.

The Fight

This would of been alot better with dialog and music but the animation was pretty good and the Ninja dude kicks arse

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ChadsWeb responds:

Dialog didn't really fit the mood of "Random guy fights random ninja" and I'm not exactly one to hire people to do voices for me, and I couldn't possibly do a voice good enough for any of these characters.

Pretty good

The animation was good, but It really needed sound. Besides that, it was well done good job.

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ChadsWeb responds:

Thanks :3

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2.79 / 5.00

Oct 5, 2008
5:01 PM EDT