3rd Grade Samurai

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Yoshuri lays down the law of the playground.

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A young samurai kills a classmate then commits seppuku before the teacher gets ahold of him. The art work is pretty poor, and there is no sound whatsoever. The animation is fairly average. The plot is silly and pointless. This is a bit awful, I'm afraid.

a guy hog's the swing and is killed by a guy followed by seppuku
you should have worked on the graphics more


I don't excactly know why I liked it but I did, I guess just the sheer rediculousness of it, drawings and animation coulda been better, but I still enjoyed it.


first of all, the graphics seemed to be ok. they aren't that great, but at least you didn't use some lame stick figures.
but the rest of the flash is pretty dull. the animations look more than a slideshow than like a fluent animation, the text bubbles dissappear way too fast and why was the screen so small? this made the text even harder to read.
also, you didn't add sound to this and that is pretty annoying.
the plot itself was quite funny, but the presentation lacks quality.

add some sounds and make the screen size a tad bit bigger, so that one is actually able to read the text.

An amazing commentary on society

the animation was ok, yeah ok hi