Fancy Dog: 09

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Fancy Dog plays with Scissors!

-Note: If you do not know the story, I encourage you to watch the previous episodes-

After a horrible heart-breaking time in the bathroom, Fancy Dog sets out with a new goal. To hunt down the one that poisoned his food which caused his horrible poo. Perhaps playing with scissors will help.

-Fancy Dog loves reading reviews and responding to them. Feel free to leave some!-



You covered up the typo in the Menu with the drawn C :P
And no I didn't have to mention it -.-
Anyways, it was nice, and I think that Doom Bunny is an awesome addition.

Oh, and I have a feeling that Dan is disliked... just a hunch.

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BobtehLog responds:

Darn someone figured me out!
And yeah, that hunch is correct in a way. We all <3 dan!

Scissors: Nature's man-made marvel.

Doom Bunny's Final Fantasy-esque reference went brilliantly; I lolled quite hard, although I was a bit astonished that Fancy Dog had morals: maybe this journey of self-discovery you people have led him on has made him grow as a canine. You've given me something to think about. (Not really, but you know).
PART with COLOR this time? Oh, that's just fantastic. That gives it, like, a WHOLE new element, if you know what I mean. I could sit there tolerating it for almost three seconds longer now.
The other parts were fun and entertaining, and in true Fancy Dog style.
I agree with Nugit about the concept for a Fancy Dog Halloween entry. I'd have a LOT of love for that.

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BobtehLog responds:

Fancy Dog is a better man-made marvel then scissors. Thanks for the review!

Pro, srsly

xd, I enjoyed the scissors to dan part. Made me chuckle irl!

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BobtehLog responds:



Still good ;D, is there gonna be a fancy dog halloween

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BobtehLog responds:

Quite possibly, I actually forgot halloween was coming up but i'm sure I can organise something for it.

Thanks for the notice and review ;d


the endings were more clear and better

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BobtehLog responds:

I am glad you think so c:

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3.17 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2008
2:27 AM EDT
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