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Art HW experiment

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Sorry if it's a big filesize >.< Anyway, i worked very hard on this, so i hope you enjoy! It's my first flash that has been finished! Yay! I was supprised i could do this for my homework.

Running out of things to say... uh... special thanks to my teachers... and... my parents... ok nothing left to say.

Oh! Just remembered, if your in th UK please sign this petition to fix the mirrors of left handed lorry drivers. heres the link http://petitions.number10 .gov.uk/BlindSpotMirrors/

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nice how the building transforms from verry old into almost futuer-style.
by the way, did you got noted for this??

geco-deco12 responds:

Hey thanks! Old to new. It was going to evolve as well with flying cars and stuff, have all the designs too! But i ran out of time :(

I'm not sure what you mean by noted though

For your first, this is AWSOME

I could never animate cause its so expencive to get flash, but still for your very first
flash, you look like youve got a lot of potential 5/5 9/10

geco-deco12 responds:

:D Woot!


First I was like "what's going on?", then little by little this insane building was put together. I like how it fits with the music!

geco-deco12 responds:

Good old insane :)

rock on

i like it. I have always been a fan of more abstract pieces. And it is very impressive for your first flash, far better than my first. It was short, but entertaining. kudos!

geco-deco12 responds:

Thanx. It was going to be longer but the deadline caught me >.< ah well


Not bad...the art was pretty good, although the flash was short. The music was great, and I completely enjoyed the way it built itself, though it was a bit random.

Thanks for the submission, and I look forward to seeing you in our collab.

geco-deco12 responds:

As i said.. it was my first and it was a art project, Art is random! Thanks for the review and... collab? I'm in alot of collabs! Oh! The food collab? i was done ages ago! i sent you it weeks ago...