cinos and jack episode 1

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hey i know my animation isn't to good but i'm just starting it my friend will take up animation while i take up writing the script don't base it on the animation base it on the comedy and tell me what you think thanks for watching!!!!!

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I give it a 10

I think this was a really good video!!!! I give it a 10. Good Job keep working at it!!! Maybe work on the animation a little bit longer. Also, take more time and make the video really good. But yeah, Nice Job, definitley a 10.

not good enough to be a perfect 10 but 8 is good

sorry. i didn't give you a ten. This was hilarious. especially when cinos got extremely muscluar after 4 months and still couldn't open the jar. Chainsaw-no. Muscles-no. Teeth-no. Jack-yes. good and keep it up. ignore all these below 4.

hypersonicx123 responds:

lolz thanks dude!! heheheh and don't worry more funny to come!!


I gave it a five to help it pass but, not the best work I've ever seen. try making non-stick figures but the idea was good so yeah. oh and when you make the heads whit on stick figures, use the dump bucket to make it completely white so you can't see other colors through it

hypersonicx123 responds:

hmm.....ok thanks man glad you liked it


The music carries this. Otherwise, the visuals don't do it for me. With sharper visuals and animation (might not HAVE to be anything more than the stick format to be funny), then maybe....

Good comedy

I understood it through the whacky animation, no offence i liked it,and wouldn't mind a remake when you get better.

hypersonicx123 responds:

thanks but unfortunatly it's not gonna be me remaking it it'll be my friend he's alot better then me and once he gets flash your gonna see some amazing stuff

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3.68 / 5.00

Oct 2, 2008
5:23 PM EDT
Comedy - Original