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The rocket of WTF.

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Ok, again no bitching about the frame rate and graphics, its the style i chose to do it in.

Anyone who enjoyed my first; theres a chance you will enjoy this. :D

Anyone who hasn't seen my first, check it out! :P

Oh yeah.. and this guy threatened to rape my knee-cap if i didn't mention him: ThoseSwellNachos.

He's crazeh.

I'm bored. I think i'll go do myself some fried bread. FOR ME!!! >:C

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Good movie. Its a shame that your wsting your flash skills. If only you were patient your animations would be amazing!!

Repetitive Noises hurt my brain

Next time you make a flash, make sure the audio you use doesn't repeat itself, keep using different ones without a millisecond pause in between.
Funny flash though, make sure you keep working to make your flashes better!

KALO8 responds:

Yeah, the repetative scremas kinda pissed me off aswell, but its hard to find a huge selection of male screams that sound alike unless your using a mic.

Good luck

It was good, i like your art style, and yes the frame rate is horrible but you can improve that. I hope this passes judgement

KALO8 responds:

Yeah, i can actuly animate properly. I just (don't ask why) have chosen to do these in this framerate... i don't have a clue why. But yeaaah..

Hey....guess what....

It passed judgment. :3


i liked it alot .. it was really funny ... i like the sound effects especially.
and the part with the tricycle.

BTW what is fried bread?

KALO8 responds:

ALRIGHT. Get out your frying pan (this is best after you have already fried somthing like bacon and eggs so there's different flavors. 'etc. Rub some cooking oil around the pan and slap a slice of bread in. keep it frying until its golden brown on both sides. Take it out of the pan and enjoy. It is delicous.