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ZSL Extravaganzafestathon

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Author Comments

Yow, so, as always, I'm late. But it's not entirely my fault! Never before have I tried to combine 26 FLAs into one action packed collab, but sure enough, Flash decided to cooperate for long enough for me to get this finished! Here's a list of everyone who helped:

BlueHippo, Sinitron, Breadfruit, Wonchop, TrippingMetal, DarkShadow8181, RedMongoose, AlmightyHans, Ansel, TomFulp, GerkinMan, Eidderf, Psi43, Techno, Squeef, Funy-Mony, Anigen, Drattigan, UnderARock, k0mat0se, Gmagnum, Nicholas-Deary, Sekhem, ChickenOfAzure, Rina-Chan, BionicSheep, W-P-S, HLG, and Funkadelic.

Quite the team! Now, I apologize for the massive load time this movie will have, it's almost 11mb in filesize, OUCH!

Now lets gather round, and tell Zekey how gr8 he is, although he might not want to hear about it ;)

Hopefully he had a good 23rd birthday. Here is a present, from the 29 of us :)

**if you contributed, please add me as coauthor. Note, there is no way all 30 of us can have coauthor, heh**

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- Back when this was posted, not counting deleted users, only eight people were officially coauthored, those being BlueHippo, AlmightyHans, Ansel, Eidderf, Gerkinman, Sinitron, UnderARock and Wonchop, due to coauthor limitations of the time. Tom added the rest after I sent 2 different thumbnails on the Thumbnail Crew thread and I noticed he wasn't coauthored.

- The farthest left top tooth (left from UnderARock's) doesn't lead to anything.

- Some users have renamed or are deleted

Anigen -> jakeganz
HLG -> dullsworth
Techno -> Zachary
Nicholas-Deary -> M4KBOT
Squeef or "Sire Postenlot of Botherwood Shire -> 50vmp
??? -> chickenofazure

Drattigan: deleted
Sekhem: deleted
TrippingMetal -> AustinBreed, then deleted.
DarkShadow8181: Moved to a now deleted account named Fungasm. The old account still remains as of Sep 16 2023.

Psi43 responds:

Thanks for doing that. I'm hella late but I have totally forgotten about ever creating that animation lmao.

BlueHippo responds:

Gotta say it was a pleasant surprise to see that Tom added add of the crew to this piece!! Thanks so much for that 🙏

Awesome collab.
By the way, what is the name of the song in Gerkinman part?


Well I laughed hardest on Psi's - Forgot what I was watching thissubmission half way through - and deem TomFulp's piece the best - also wonchop's gradients were so shitty itwas intriguing ~ cool effort - nice movie


takes to long to load,cud have gotten a 10 if that wasnt a problem


Molotov AGAIN?! whoa this is getting weird. BUT! AMAZING COLLAB GUYS! PAT ON THE BACK!

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2008
11:25 PM EDT