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Pacman: Blood Legacy

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Pacman goes about his daily life, until he witnesses what will happen to him if the BKG catches him.
So he rethinks his life.

1: A racially offensive cult seeking short yellow men with a gluttonous appetite.
2: A secret organization
3: The damned ghosts from pacmen
4: Rumored to stand for "Blue Ghost Kult"

Also an oldie from 2005!
Because the sprite movies nowdays don't quench my thirst.
The portal needs moar old fashioned sprite films!

R.i.P good ol Livecorpse I says!

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A pretty cool parody. Pretty old-school...

Nothing special in the animation aspect, although I have no complaints either.

Was pretty fun, but ended a bit early, I mean, what happened to the new Pac?

Valfire responds:

Ah yes! The ending was quite abrupt I know.
Reason be it, that I was making it the night before I began my upcoming semester, so I was practically up at 3 AM just hours before I left, and I hadn't even slept yet.

The whole movie was pretty much made on the spot, all in one sit down, so I suspect there was a bit of rushing in t here.

Though what happened to Pac Jr. is entirely up to the viewer I suppose.
I like to think of this movie as a prologue to Jr. Pac-Man.

Hence he went forth, and conquered the BGK , freeing the Pac people.
Truly he is a hero.

very cool idea.

Graphics aren't the best but you said it's from 05 So i'll give you that one.

i enjoyed the part with pac man sex. I wouldn't want head from mrs. Pacman though. EEK

Valfire responds:

Yeah I feel the movie ain't bad for an evening's work.
Pity I ran outta time, so I had to finish it in a rush.

But yeah the pacs make hard love.

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4.23 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2008
6:50 PM EDT