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MGS - 30seconds

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This 30 second MGS tribute was originally meant for inclusion in the MGS Collab, but evidently, wasn't good enough...... Well, you're going to watch it anyway! Muah hah hah ha hahahha ahaha -cough- -cough- ha HA ha AH -COUGH- ...............

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Short, but great.

And are those guys Snake is shooting suppose to be FROGs (From MGS4)? If they are, FROGs are female, not male.

you do like 3D

nice animation
'nuff said

yeah well...

I thought I would hear several times " OMG METAL GEAR!!!" but instead you shot everyone. thats probably the reason why this submission never came to the collab: it has actually nothing to do with MGS. just shooting is fine, but you made it with wrong music, wrong soldiers and wrong weapons. I have to know it because I played every MGS part except 4.

next time:
- mgs music ( I watched it once with the MGS 2 theme, that was godlike!)
-the automatic weapon should be a FAMAS or a M4 and the pistol should be a SOCOM
- put some soldiers with white uniforms in it.

hope youre doing it right next time...

Nicely done

Your artwork is incredible. Great detail. Stellar gruesomeness.

was pretty good

i thought it was good but i think for the collab they were lookin for funny ones, this was well drew and everything just not funny really :P when i started to watch i was waitin for the gag but there wasnt one:P but still good :D

try making a funny one :D would rock