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London is for me

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My only ever animation. Took too much time and too much effort, but still I hope you like it!! :-)
I know the upload sucks, but if you ask me for it bigger I will do it, so get commenting!!

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I dont really know.

Im not quite sure how to comment or criticise that, but I can see it must have taken a hell of alot of work, and it is very very impressive.

Well done on the sound matching, thats particularly boggling. Must have taken a very long time.

Hilarious and great

I understand that claymation is time consuming and tedious, but you really are good at it. Definitely upload this bigger and do more animations if you can bring yourself to. Hats off.


You deserve this 10 - I've tried stop-motion myself and I know it isn't easy. I loved the music track and there's some really interesting set design here too (eg the paperclip sax - loved it!) Animation particularly on the sax player was very good, you've captured how jazz musicians "get into" their solos very well, all that self-indulgent wriggling :) Added bonus, I also work in London myself, lol :D ...Nice work, I hope to see more stuff from you!


raally good i was sure this in just another gay clay movie with no plot but this suprised me its raaly raaly good

Good animation, low entertainment value

It is good to see some more claymation around here. It is a refreshing break from all the crappy stick figures. Your animation was pretty good. You did a good job with the lip syncing. The problem I had with it was that the animation provided little entertainment. It was too slow paced and too long. It was a good song, but it doesn't make for a good music video. There just isn't enough going on.

Good work, I look forward to seeing more animations from you.