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Author Comments

i really do, so i got onto my agent about one, he had problems with the shop man guy.

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its deep

its deep

Heil responds:


i didnt like his tone of voice ether

i didnt like his tone of voice ether

Heil responds:


Probably the best flash ever

I like how you presented the whole thing. The animation, the way you did camera angles and perspective was great. The only thing you could have improved was the smoothness of the animation. Was kinda expecting a little more after such a stretch, but it's understandable since the animation isn't your life and livelyhood. You're art style seems to have improved since you made the trailer and you are to be comended for that. It is, as many reviewers have mentioned, rather redundent and somewhat illogical as to how you're going to progress with the storyline. I'm certain you have a perfectly good reason for having her kill the guards, and I noticed that the truck was a beater and probably didn't need those sattelites to maintain itself, but it's going to bother us all as to why until you create the next few episodes and keep us coming back which is a rather nice touch that sort of cliffhanger, or perhaps I'm reading into it too much. Still, the doom sayer's propiganda storyline is getting a bit stale and lacks creativity, it might be a good idea to spice things up some more in the future, or start a blog to explain how the world is going to work. I checked your website fallenangelseries.com, yes it looks nice but you probably want to do something with it instead of having a pretty wallpaper. A reasonable score, for a lot of effort.I've watched all the parts, and i must say im impressed. I dont get why people jump to conclusions as to her shooting the guys. Maybe a fellow guard went crazy/insane and slaughtered the other two so she grabbed a gun and shot him. Maybe another survivor came desperate for ammunition. there are many possibilities. The explosions were a bit...too long for my taste though. It may not be my Cup O' Tea but it sure is my Cup O' Good time. Happy animating! This is the best so far in this chapter. I feel incredibly lucky to be alive in an age of technology where I have access to decent entertainment. The animation is great as usual, so is the narration and everything else. You're a truly talented person, RobsH66. I doubt that I'll ever get to make flash in my life, but it's great people like you get the oppurtunity. I watched all three parts for episode 1 before writing this review. Many of the people on Newgrounds thought this movie was impressive; I am not one of them. This type of plot for your story is something I've already seen and heard before. Sure you used the current situation with the middle east to drive home to people however it led to an idea that was thought up after we won WWII. The thought of a nuclear war, WWIII. Besides an cliche plot. Some of the things didn't make sense such as when the heroin is in the fallout shelter with the army guys. She kills them. WHY? That doesn't make any sense! If there was a world disaster the people I would want to stick with would be the Army. There's strength in numbers and with all those guys it would increase her chances of survival. She also hasn't drawn any of my attention, she just seems too fake to me it probably has to do with the fact that she has the old 'poor me, I lost my family' type feel to her that has been used way too much. Animation wise it was okay, I've seen better animated things on this site. Your sort of stumped I guess since you can't really change the style of animation or plot, the only things you could fix would be the logic of characters and more original characters. I won't review anymore of your videos so here's wishing you good luck. Remember to take it easy every once and a while. Nice job man, my only question is why she shot the military guys. They saved her life. Keep working on it, man. The animations weren't terrible, I've definitely seen worse, but with some practice you'll get better. My first tip would be to have a background. Also you need to zoom in on your scenes a bit. This was a very wide view, and everything was very small, which isn't good. I would write more and give tips and criticisms, but I'm a bit tired and a little lazy right now. Just remember, I'll be watching you and your future flashes.

Heil responds:

very good



Heil responds:



I saw one at the pawn shop,Its cost was 0$

Heil responds:

oh shit

Credits & Info

2.94 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2008
2:14 PM EDT