TLTFT 2008 R. 11 Collab

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11th daily ! Thanks!

TLTFT 2008 has produced another collab with the entries made for the competition. This round had 8 participants but due to certain problems only 7 entries are in the collaboration. The compiler of the collab and host of the tournament is T4x4R_O*_Hawk2 (TeamXHawk). The theme was "Armed VS Unarmed".

Special thanks to the animators :
Animator - Score

1. Tawnik 8.1
2. Drifts 7.93
3. Ragin R. 6.8
4. Aklemo 6.26
5. T4x4R_O*_Hawk2 5.36
6. Hunter.t.w.e 4.86
7. poyzd 4.5
8. Zitsu 3.5

The whole collab was made in Flash.

Music :
Trust Company - Downfall
The judges of TLTFT : SSJBryando ; T4x4R_O*_Hawk2 ; SSOutPhase ; Tawnik (winner of "judge for a day")
Host : T4x4R_O*_Hawk2

Thanks SSJBryando for decompiling some entries. Thanks to NewGrounds! Special thanks to SPP, the portal on which TLTFT takes place. Thanks to the animators and the judges.

Thank you for watching !

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"Tawnik - why the hell is the contact mor dangerous coz he is black? -4pts"

You didn't get it.Don't rate someone if you don't understand it.


Awesome animation, and fluent too!! keep up the good work

TeamXHawk responds:

Thank you, man! :) One more round to go. The competition is already over, I just have to make the collabs :P


Luved it thanks to t4x4r and drift +10 pts
'cept for
Hunter.t.w.e - Noise gave me a headache -1 pts
Tawnik - why the hell is the contact mor dangerous coz he is black? -4pts

TeamXHawk responds:

You rated Tawnik's animation lower because of a joke ? Man... >_>

Thanks for liking my entry tho... it was kinda crappy... dunno what you liked about it lol but whatever.


He's Armed...........And Black! XDD

TeamXHawk responds:

XD Tawnik is brilliant !


I liked the animation, but this sort of thing still needs to be understandable. But most of the animation was really well done.

TeamXHawk responds:

It's a collaboration, we don't have a common story, just a common theme. Thanks for the review.

Credits & Info

4.63 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2008
7:19 AM EDT
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