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DBZ Goku Vs Vegeta works

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Author Comments

ok the preloader wont be there but it will be loading. and in comparison to my other works, its worth the wait. its a battle between goku and vegeta (by the way this is based on a cartoon) and it looks like vegeta might win but as per usual its goku who delivers the final blow .

NOTE:i do realise ive already posted it so im gonna take it off and also lay off with the gray squars thing ITS FLASH"S FAULT the bastard over smoothed it

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This shouldn't have even passed the portal. The animation was low beginner. You haven't improved one bit. You just completely took a great anime and turned it into crap. You're jokes were tasteless, and your effects were horrible. You probably took a few minutes, and whipped this batch-o-shit up. The animation was stiff and you had rarely to no reactions whatsoever in it. Besides that, wtf was up with the rectangles? That's REALLY lazy, that never happened once in DBZ. This animation deserves to be blammed.

wjimmyw responds:

you know i find it funny that you would actually spend so much time criticizing people and bagging them out when you 1: spend time on improving your own animations instead of going around looking at "low beginner" animations 2: maybe just not bother with commenting and saying how bad peoples animations are, when maybe their content with their animating skill. 3:maybe get some fresh air once in a while,youve been here for even longer than me and i signed up years ago...get on with your life

"worth the wait?"

but it wasn't.
Even more so since you said it was.
Let's see, here:

Your spelling is shit.
The effects; they were shit.
The jokes; They were not funny.
You spelled goku's real name wrong (i do not spell it here in fear of misspelling it myself. I know how it is pronounced, but not how it is spelled).
The parts where you were obviously trying to be serious didn't seem serious because of the music that didn't fit the flash at all, and the crappy dialogue.

Yeah, you slid by quite luckily with that two, my friend.

wjimmyw responds:

hahaha wow your an even better comedian than me, you say you dont think the jokes are funny when you dont get them yourself, karrot...kakarot and then he procedes to say "i thought id have lunch and carrots are sounding good" which was a play on the word karrot, so i couldnt have made that joke with-out perposly misspelling kakarot.and that was the only joke i made therfore you couldnt not find the jokes funny while you do not understand them

some issues

i didnt mind the shadow look, i thought that worked pretty well. you could tell who was who by the signature hair styles. i wasnt however, feeling the gray squares you threw in when they used high speeds. also alot of the movement looked unnatural and sometimes even goofy. you have a good start but i think you need to work on these things before this gan be great.

Id really rather not

It waz a ok movie but i prefer flash and animation like castle 2-3. maybe it is just because you already submitted this?


When you said, "ITs worth the wait"... What wait?, It loaded instantly on my comp. Anyway.. The movie was great, I enjoy the Dragon Ball flashes mucho!. But i would work on your animation more if you want a better score from the public.

- IcedLemon

wjimmyw responds:

thats because my computer is slow like a turtle

Credits & Info

3.11 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2008
3:26 AM EDT