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Dragonball R Episode 1

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This is the first episode of my flash anime series entitled dragonball R. It's my sequel to Dragonball GT, and is based off my never released fan-manga. This is my first flash movie ever! Seriously, this is the first time i have ever touched flash. Please note that I drew all the stuff myself... blah blah blah. Tell me what you think.

Just to clarify something: THAT IS GOHAN!! Remember, at the end of GT goku dissapears? And this takes place 5 years after that... so that is GOHAN.

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drawing were good

but sometimes u did shit when vegeta and lieing on the flood after big bang and kamahamaha and when little goku was run to master roshi house

Pretty good for a first flash

Sure the animation is a bit choppy but it's better than the flash of your other critics(I.E. none). Also, I aint complaining about it being "totally inaccurate" either. Consdering that non-super sayain Gohan in DBZ was as powerful as SSJ3 Gotenks, it actually makes sense that SSJGohan would be able to beat SSJ4 Vegeta(though that does bring up questions). One last thing, I noticed that this was one of your only two submissions. Dude, forget what these jack-wads say. All they are are a bunch of losers who like to criticise other people's work anonymously because in real life if they were to say this to your face they'd get their butts kicked. So yeah, I hope you pick back up the flash tool and start making some new stuff baby. PEACE!


You only got a 3 becuz u drew all the artwork...but jeez man?? ssj gohan beating ssj4 Vegeta?? no way...the last little bit of faith I had in this movie went with gohan actually putting up a decent fight with vegeta....NEVER!!! sorry but u shouldve used somebody else against vegeta....

:( pretty bad

I had to stop watching it after a minute into it because it is pretty boring and bad. But ill giv u 2/10 because you drew it all yourself


T'was good for a first. Graphics need work though, and you need more sounds, but other than that, it was decent.

Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Mar 3, 2002
2:23 AM EST