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Jack: Stop Global Warming

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Yeah, simple flash + worm + global warming = This.

Isn't it epic!

There is weird audio bug with last music.
It still plays when flash replays, i try fix this!

EDIT 2: The problem is bigger than i thougth, so you have to wait longer. Sorry guys! :(

EDIT 3: ()"#/@£!!!! Looks like my flash program dosn't like me at all, when i fix that music problem, whole system crash instant. Still, i got one person to help me with this so new version of this should come some day.

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aurora11 you're correct.

I was studying global warming and tats exactly what is happening my friend but we have stopped an ice age so that bring the question is global warming that bad? we kept the human population from being extinct in 2400 thats when the predincted ice age was sopposed to some in.

but at least the music fit in.

pretty good theme and music

its pretty good, i loved the frame-by-frame. the message was good, and the main theme was sad. I think that the instead of loopin, though, put this on the last keyframe (which should say the end) [stop();] without the brackets.

btw, aurora11, I don't get how you go around blamming ppls cus they decide not to display the insane complicated-ness of global warming. especially on other things, like Maestro Rages piece of music, were you slmaed this piece.

I also believe that the sharp increase in heat over the past years, is accualy caused by that 37% extra we give the atmosphere. Obviously, since we aren't dead yet, plants are able to counter the natural 63% in the air, and they can't keep up with the extra 37% we give them.

However, the main cause of Global Warming is caused by water vapor. Water vapor hold heat very well, so during the day, humidity soaks up heat and makes it very hot out. During the night, humidity keeps its heat, wereas the earth or normal air would quickly lose it.

(im not at all even close to being an expert so dont take this info and tell the world, research and get more reliable info!)

im srry but its not scincetificlty correct

even if the BS thery of co2 globle warming was real man only contribus to 37% of C02 emissions,the rest happens in nature,so even acording to globe warming we should have be dead long ago,infact the main reson for the temp. rise has be only to natual jetstream move,also this has be happining in a consten patern for billons of years,all that needs to happen is moer driffit....

Rikkis responds:

Actyally, if i read rigth... you are the one who is incorrect! :D
^ Your grammar is horrible, sorry


The drawing and animation are kind of shoddy, but I definitely agree with the meesage. It's true, people waste so much gas and so much money on gas and all it does is fuck up the environment and cause international problems, yes, for some things it is necessary, but it causes more problems than it's worth

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Sep 25, 2008
3:20 PM EDT